An exceptional post on Ganesha’s broken tusk, that references the Mahabharata as well.

The Indian Mythology

Ganesha is called Ek-Daantay , the one with only one tusk.

1. GajjMukhaSur

Gajjmukha-Sur was a Detya (Demon) who was booned to be killed neither by Astra Nor Shastra (tool or Weapon). Priam-Mada the wife of Gajjmukha-Sur , was a devotee of Goddess Guri (Parvati) and she Keep Guri Vrat for the protection of her husband. Gajjmukha fought with Devtas (gods) , but none of them could kill him , because of the boon. Finally Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvati , fought with him and Ganesha Broke his tusk ,which was neither Astra nor Shastra, and shot it towards Gajjmukh-Sur. Goddess Guri through her Bengal on the flying tusk in air and Stopped it . Ganesha asked Her Mother the reason , She replied that how could she the prayers and Vrats of Priam-Mada. While the mother and son was Arguing , Gajjmukha-Sur thought its the…

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