Ponnivala Web Comics Now LIVE Online!

Ponnivala Publishing (Gores Landing, Ontario) is pleased to announce the activation of our comic series, The Legend of Ponnivala. The first series (Episodes 1-13) is now live online in both English and Tamil, with Series 2 (Episodes 14-16) currently undergoing translation. Presently the first three Episodes in both languages are available for free.

The story is based almost verbatim on a legend that is otherwise only told orally in a remote corner of the Kongu region of South India. Writer and researcher Brenda Beck collected the story on 44 hours of audio tape back in 1965 while engaged in research for her doctorate at Oxford. The idea to present the story in animated and comic book formats came about in 2008, and has involved a team of skilled artists, animators, Foley artists, musicians, translators and storytellers to bring the whole thing to life.

As the animated series approaches completion, the comic books from Series 1 are now accessible online in English and Tamil, with plans for future translations into Hindi and French.

If there’s room on your page for a listing, we’d really appreciate the nod. If you have any feedback on the material that would be fantastic as well!

The webcomics are at http://www.ponnivala.com/webcomics.

And hey, have a great Canada Day!


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